FAQ - Cap & Gown

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What are the facts about Caps and Gowns?
A cap and gown unit comes with a yeardated tassel. It may not show on our website in the right color, but it comes in your school colors. The school dictates the choice of colors.

When do I order the Cap and Gown?
You should order it as soon as we are in school. If you miss us at school order it online right away.

Can I order it later in the school year?
Yes, you can but you risk the price going up and us not having the exact size.

What is I don't graduate?
If you aren't able to walk with your class in the May June graduations, there will always be a summer graduation. Don't rob yourself of the joy and pride in wearing a graduation cap and gown. Also don't forget you want to take photos!

If I order online, when and where will I get the cap and gown?
You will get your cap and gown later in the Spring at school. We don't deliver caps and gowns to the home. It is always distributed at school.

How should the cap and gown fit? It seems so big.
Yes, caps and gowns are big. They are intended to be worn over a your regular clothing. The sleeves should hit below your wrist, near your fingertips and the length should hit somewhere mid calf. It should not be touching the floor or above your knees.

Should I iron my cap and gown?
No, instead of ironing use a low heat steamer or simply hang it up for a few days. You can also put it in the dryer with a damp towel for 15 minutes.

How does the cap fit?
The cap will feel snug. But this way it won't fly off!

Should I put my ice tassel on the cap?
That ice tassel is special and we don't think you want to lose it at graduation. Use the plain regular tassel on your cap and keep your ice tassel as a keepsake.