FAQ - Rings

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Is it hard to order a Class Ring?
Not at all. The Classic and the Fashion rings are the most popular. Figure out what color stone you want and of course the metal that you want the ring made of. The metal determines the price of the ring.

How long does it take to get a class ring?
Class rings are custom made to your specifications. The normal time is 5-7 weeks.

Do I have to pay for it in full?
We take a deposit of $100 for all non-gold rings, $200 for gold rings.

Can I go on a payment plan?
Yes. You have until the end of the school year to pay off your ring.

How will I get my ring after it's paid off?
Once the ring is paid off, we will drop it off at your school for you to pick up

Is there a warranty on the ring?
All class rings are fully warrantied for life.

How do I take care of my ring?
Even the purest of gold or silver jewelry will tarnish or discolor if subjected to harsh cleaning materials, acids, or alkalis. Your ring will return to its original luster if polished with a good silver cleaner or washed with a mild soap. Finish by buffing with a soft cloth.

How do I get my finger size?
You want it done right. The best way is to have your finger professionally sized by your local Herff Jones Representative in school. It’s quick and easy.