FAQ - Graduate Supplies

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What are Graduation Announcements?
Oh glad you asked! First of all they are not like a birthday card. It spells out your graduation date time and place. The paper is thick and they come with double envelopes. So when someone gets one in the mail, they know it is something special. And they open it right away! Graduation Announcements are sent out to friends and family... especially your aunts and uncles. It lets them know you are graduating. And they feel special that you remembered them.. so they usually send you a little something.

What are namecards?
These are cards with your name on it. The announcements don't have your name but they have pre cut slots for you to put your namecard inside.

When do I send out the announcements?
Because they are announcing your graduation, they can be sent out before your graduation. Sometimes, to save postage and time, some people will include an party invitation. Remember an announcement is not an invitation to the ceremony. It is also appropriate to send them out after the actual graduation.

To whom do I send announcements?
Announcements are sent to friends and relatives, a special teacher(s), or advisor. Even though, people know you are graduating, the gesture of taking the time to send someone the announcement brings a special meaning. It makes the person receiving the announcement feel special.

I ordered my graduation announcements in the Fall, when will I get them?
All graduation announcements are distributed to students in the spring at school. The delivery dates will be advertised through your schools regular means of communication.

Will I get my order at home?
We do not deliver to homes. All products are distributed at school.

What if there is a mistake?
We ask you to please check your order when you pick it up at school. Let us know as soon as possible of any mistakes. If it is our offices mistake, we will take care of it at no cost to you. All mistakes are corrected at the plant. It usually takes 5-7 business days.

Can I change my order?
Yes, you have 72 hours after you submitted your order to email us at mrabago1@herffjones.com. All changes are submitted through this email address.

If I cancel, how do I get a refund?
Refunds are processed through our corporate office. Unfortunately, they are not instant. They can take from 3-7 business days.

Who do I contact for any problem with my order?
Please email your name, your school, a short description of the problem to mrabago1@herffjones.com